I’m Elliott Rodgers; a web developer and graphic designer (at ERS Web Solutions Ltd), photographer and poet. I live in Chesham, South Buckinghamshire UK, with Sheppie, my border collie. This is my personal website and blog.

Photography has been a creative outlet of mine for a very long time. I especially like photographing the natural world and macro photography. Kind of ironically though for a photographer I detest having my own photo taken.

I wrote the Save Your Business Money eBook. I’ve also written dozens of poems since I was a teenager and had stuff published both online and in print books. Lots of my personal favourite are on my website; Stolen Kiss, Twisted Soul, When and Goodbye Forever.

I badly broke my leg back in December 2010 and complications mean it’s basically permanently knackered. I try and remain philosophical about it – I could have landed on my head and been hurt far worse.