Hi, I’m Elliott Rodgers, web developer (at EJR Digital Media), photographer and writer (including poetry).

I live in Chesham, South Buckinghamshire UK, luckily enough it is only an hour on the underground for central London but still in the beautiful Chiltern Hills.

Photography has been a creative outlet of mine for a very long time. I especially like photographing the natural world and macro photography. Kind of ironically though for a photographer I detest having my own photo taken.

I’ve written dozens of poems since I was a teenager and had poems published both online and in print books. Lots of my personal favourite are on my website; Stolen Kiss, Twisted Soul, When and Goodbye.

I badly broke my leg back in December 2010 and complications mean it’s basically permanently knackered. I try and remain philosophical about it – I could have landed on my head and been hurt far worse.

November 2020 and I was added to the waiting list for a Left Below Knee Amputation. I refuse to spend the rest of my life in pain 24/7, living on cocktail of pain killers that includes controlled drugs. Covid has caused delays, then my heart problems meant more delays and checks.

Ananeathatist cancelled my surgery until further cardiac tests. So I had all the tests back in August.

I was finally admitted to hospital on 17th November and went for my amputation surgery on 18th November. I will begin writing the second part of my journey soon.

This is the personal website and blog of Elliott Rodgers. Views are my own and do not represent any organisation I work for or with.