7/7 – My lucky escape

It’s ten years since the horrific and evil bombings in London.

On the morning of 7th July I was meant to be leaving very early and going to a friend’s farm. The night before I was part of the medical team at a 45,000 crowd rock concert. My shift finished much later than planned, in the early hours so the farm trip was postponed.

I used to travel in the third carriage, middle door so I could get quick access to the footbridge and make the circle line train that arrived at the same time as my train. Terrorist Shehzad Tanweer detonated his bomb in the third carriage between Liverpool Street and Aldgate at about 8:50am.

I had a very lucky escape.

Watching documentaries on TV I wonder what would have happened. I hope I would have been as heroic as those travelling who bravely did their best to save lives.