Leawo Software Valentines Gifts

Leawo Software have a current special offer running at the moment – Leawo Software Valentines Gifts including a bundle with a DVD Converter + DVD Creator + Video Converter (worth $89). To get these you have to share the offer on your Facebook wall or similar, like their Facebook page and send them a private message to their Facebook account telling them where you shared it, they’ll send you back a message with the install codes etc.

Leawo Software Valentines Gifts

Here’s some notes from Leawo Software

1. Please send the proof of where you shared our link via Private Message, if the link is not available to visit for some privacy reasons, send a screenshot as proof instead;
2. Do mention the version (Win or Mac) that you want so I don’t have to ask again, both of us can save time. One code for one person only!

Thank you and have a great day!

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