Leg Update

Content warning! This post contains detailed content about medical procedures that some people may find difficult. Short version; some good, some hopeful.

So I been back to Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Oxford, this visit to see specialist physio to get their clinical input. (Lots of input from various clinical specialisms in next few months!)

It went really well and the Clinical Lead Physio LH, was absolutely lovely. I felt really comfortable with her, talking through things etc. Have another appointment on 30th May with her that will be more “hands on”.

Long term solutions at the moment still revolving around amputation but LH has suggested a maybe a possibility of a new treatment solution. A box implanted on my spine that will send electric signals down nerve to block pain signals from leg.

It needs input and approvals from other departments and of course I have to agree. I’m not convinced at all at moment. Maybe when I chat with relevant surgeon about the chances of success, risks of things going wrong (it’s the spine!) and there is the whole heart dramas.

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