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I saw reminders of computers past on Facebook and it made me think.

When I started web design I used a 56.6Kbps modem and you couldn’t use the internet at the same time as the phone… Video was pretty much a non starter… Facebook was a dream. Google hadn’t begun. Everyone used AOL and Yahoo for search or email. Browser wise it was Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, which evolved into Firefox.

My connection now is 70Mbps and I can make multiple video calls across the internet without affecting the phone line..

To give you some idea of the difference… 56.6 Kbps then, now download speeds of around the 7,000Kbps – more than a little quicker.

As for space my computer then had a generous 250Mb Hard Drive and 8Mb of memory…. it also weighed almost as much as I did and you had to be careful lifting it. Today the hard drive is 400Gb equivalent to 460,800Mb and the memory is 12Gb which is the equivalent to 12,288Mb!!

Sitting on my desk is 1Tb portable USB drive much smaller than a paperback… the equivalent to 1,048,576Mb. On my keys is a 128Gb USB key which holds 540 times as much data as my original PC. My phone has a 128Gb MicroSD card the size of my fingernail.

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