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I am aiming to blog more frequently in 2021 from January 1st. There are going to be big changes so there may be gaps. I am on the waiting list for a below knee amputation. Should be saying goodbye to my bad leg around March 2021.

2020 has been a challenging year for me. Have ended up in A&E 8+ times, once for mental health stuff, one GP referral, rest were falls needing hospital.

I have had so many falls. Some minor falls; swear, pick myself up, dust myself off and carry on.

Been cared for by some of the nicest NHS staff ever met. I have sadly also been treated by some NHS staff who deserved a criminal conviction.

The worst fall needed two ambulance crews, moving some bits and pieces so I could be taken out. The crew debated gettimg the Hazard Area Response Team to attend. I said no to that plan already enough green for Kermit’s family reunion.

After they stopped laughing one of the crew gently asked about moving a couple of things. I said they could move anything they felt they needed to, to ensure their safety and not hurt themselves shifting my fat backside.

I’ll be very glad to see the end of 2020 and hope that everyone has a fantastic 2021.

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