My London’s Air Ambulance Abseil Fundraiser

On 8th September 2022 I abseiled 17 floors (YES! SEVENTEEN), 284 feet down side of Royal London Hospital in aid of London’s Air Ambulance.

I’ve abseiled before during my time volunteering with Bucks Search and Rescue. However this abseil is highest I have ever abseiled and this time I only have one leg!

London’s Air Ambulance normal Area Of Operations is within the M25 but like all air ambulances it will fly further if needed. It comes into Thames Valley Air Ambulance when TVAA are off line or already tasked.

It costs around £11 million each year for London’s Air Ambulance to deliver specialist doctors and paramedics 24/7 365 days a year (trauma cars after dark). £8million has to come directly from charity fundraising.

The helicopter can be airborne in just 4 minutes and arrive anywhere in London within 11 minutes. The average mission cost is £2,048.

Getting the specialist doctor, paramedic and kit to the patient fast saves lives, gives better chance of recovery

My official London’s Air Ambulance fund raising page is It closes on 7th October 2022.

I’m going to be on Bucks Radio hourly news about my one legged abseil to raise funds for London’s Air Ambulance on Friday 12th August 2022.

It will be broadcast morning of Friday 12th August 2022 from 7am – 12pm, on the hour.

Here is one of the news broadcasts

You can listen to Bucks Radio at

You can read the article at

I’ve been in Bucks Free Press. You can read the online article at


Following images are available to use when promoting my charity abseil. The building image is from Google Street Map

The looking down on abseiler photo is not me! It was provided by London’s Air Ambulance and is used with permission. It is here to illustrate the height.

The doorway image is me in my wheelchair enjoying the fresh air in shared garden where I live.

There is a photo of my stump during the month long recovery in Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre/Hospital post amputation recovery. The others are me on my journey learning to walk again on prosthetic leg.

Click on any image to get a full sized image that you can download.