Photography is one of my creative outlets, my favourite subject is definitely nature photography including animals, landscapes and sunsets. I’m lucky enough to live in the Chiltern hills with beautiful scenery all around.

My local park, Lowndes Park, has Skottowes Pond a fairly large pond which attracts lots of wild geese, ducks and swans. Sometimes there’s even a heron, which seems to enjoy hiding from my camera. Around Chesham The River Chess surfaces and provides even more opportunities.

A half hour drive away and there is a variety of parts of The Grand Union Canal and as I’ve mentioned elsewhere one day I would love to buy a canal boat and explore the UK, with lots of lovely things to photograph.

I sometimes do photography for websites that I am creating or managing, which means I get the photo I want or the EJR Digital Media customer wants.

I rarely go anywhere without my camera as photo opportunities can spring up in unexpected places. I have occasionally used photos from my mobile phone but like the flexibility and quality I get using my digital camera.

There are galleries of Natural World Photographs, Random Photographs, Snakes and Spiders Photographs and Wild Bird Photographs.

There is also a Photography category on my blog.

I hate being the other side of the camera and having my photo taken, although I am going to try and endure having my photo taken so I can put them both here and on the EJR Digital Media website.

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  1. Elliott Post author

    There was about four of them, took me ages to get close and for mum and ducklings to relax and carry on as if I wasn’t there.

    Two chav women, came along and picked one up from right in front of my lens. Stood there holding it. Muscovy Duck mum was incredibly patient and didn’t attack. I wanted to shove the woman in pond.


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