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I’ve always loved nature even when I was small, I dreamt of being a marine biologist, I don’t know where the idea came from, I never lived by the sea or anything like that.

I really enjoy taking natural world photographs and photographs of the landscape, capturing the beautiful surroundings and fleeting moments that are gone moments later. Within relatively easy walking distance of home I have the lovely Lowndes Park and bits of Pednor Valley with all sorts of wildlife including badgers, foxes and the distinctive red kites.

One of my ambitions is to still buy a canal boat and explore some of the UK, at the moment the nearest I get is going on short walks around the canals near Chesham (Tring, Aylesbury, Rickmansworth, Hemel Hempstead). Once my leg improves I’m hoping to get out and explore some more. I especially like the canal near Marsworth Reservoir in Tring. That’s where the canal bridge, lock keepers cottage and two canal landscape views photographs were taken. The nearest postcode for SatNav’s is The Angler’s Retreat Pub, HP23 4LJ and What3Word is feeds.miss.refilled.

These are some of my personal favourite natural world photographs I’ve taken over the years. Lowndes Park Bee was used by The Daily Telegraph.

Please don’t use any of my photos without permission.

6 comments on “Natural World Photographs

  1. Mike

    Lovely photos Elliott, quite familiar with a lot of the places in the photos! Like you also frequent the canals and countryside in this area.

    1. Elliott Post author

      Love the canals and go visit with Sheppie whenever I can get a lift there. One of my ambitions/bucket list is to own a canal boat and live on the canal, run my business from the canal etc.

  2. LisaEgerton

    Lovely clear photos I particularly like the snowy path through the fields. Love the way the fence adds perspective. A great collection!

    1. Elliott Post author

      Thanks. Love photographing wildlife and sunsets. The path is Herbert’s Hole in Pednor Valley and we were first people to walk on fresh snow. It’s lovely there but not wheelchair friendly – here’s a Google map link so you can explore with Street View and all that stuff Herbert’s Hole.


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