elliottnewI’ve written poetry and prose since I was about fourteen, a lot of the time to express feelings, some good and bad. Looking back now I understand writing some of my poems was a release, a way of dealing with emotions I was struggling with, during a somewhat chaotic childhood and teenage years.

Poems will often float around in my head, words and phrases slowly forming before being completed (eg: Stolen Kiss), others I wrote as fast as the words could hit the page (eg: When). Sometimes a single phrase or thought will act as a seed and produce a poem other times I just write words and phrases as they come into my head and they form poems, almost coming to life on the page.

My favourite poems are: Stolen Kiss, Twisted Soul, When and Goodbye.

I wrote the poem When aged nineteen, whereas Stolen Kiss was written in my early thirties and both still seem as intense and relevant as the day I wrote them. Goodbye. describes bittersweet memories and the way that seeing some special places can bring those memories flooding back again. Some of those special places I have never returned to. When I did first go down by the river five years after the poem was written the memories and emotions came flooding back and were still frighteningly intense. There were a couple of moments I turned round and expected to see her stood beside me smiling that sweet, sweet smile of hers.

A while after writing When and Goodbye I discovered that Keith Urban described it w-a-a-y better than I ever could in his completely amazing song You’ll Think Of Me (with an utterly Fantastic Video). Avril Lavigne also has a great song My Happy Ending that is a lot better than my efforts (also a Great Music Video).

My poems tell their own individual story about something that happened in my life. Sometimes breathtakingly sweet, sometimes bittersweet, sometimes full of sadness and heartbreak. Please ask before you use ANY of my poems, there will be a small fee for commercial use.

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