Backward Clock

Can I just walk away,
and pretend it never happened.
Turn the clock back,
be just good friends.
Have the simple life,
and live a lie?

We never tenderly kissed,
never held each other close.
You weren’t snuggled in my arms,
all through the night.
We never shared those moments,
the magic wasn’t there.

We never dreamed the dream,
of everlasting love.
Never for a second thought,
this could be the one.
We never wanted to care,
about tomorrow.

You go live the lie,
it was only a night.
That one magical kiss,
was simply a case of fools.
And that you never felt,
a solitary thing.

I will know the whole truth,
and remember it so well.
The feel of your lips,
as they brushed mine.
I saw the look in your eyes,
now you can set me free.

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