Death vs Paramedic

Inspired by a wall post and discussion on Facebook (I often have very weird discussions on Facebook) I wrote this poem dedicated to Ambuangels everywhere who battle death every day.

The scythe cut through the air,
“Don’t you dare! ”
The paramedic loudly said.
Death replied “She’s already dead!”
“Don’t you believe it –
You bony shit!”
Death took a low bow,
“Battle commences now!”
The paramedic put in a line,
Death called “She’s still mine! ”
“I don’t think so! ” the paramedic cried,
“VF on the ECG Trace. She hasn’t died! ”
She declared starting CPR – 30 to 2,
while muttering “Death F**k you! ”
Death hummed –
“Another one bites the dust”
“I’ll do what I must!
I have no fear!
Stand Clear! ” came her yell,
followed by the defibs bell.
She looked at the trace,
and saw defeat on Death’s face.
“You wait! I’ll win another day. ”
he screamed as he faded away…

6 comments on “Death vs Paramedic

    1. Elliott Post author


      Have been previously been a member of a Lowland Search and Rescue unit and an Emergency Medical Technician for many years. Done a lot of medical event work with private companies and Red Cross.

      Couldn’t do any of that stuff after my bad accident.


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