If I’d known goodbye was forever,
I would’ve held you a little longer,
kissed you just one more time.
Had a last look at your smile,
before I turned my face away,
so you couldn’t see my tears.
Maybe gone down by the river,
proud of what we’d once had,
but never looking back again.
Hesitated right by our bench,
seeing us sitting arm in arm,
smiling beneath the moonlit sky.
The wounds on my heart,
maybe change into scars,
then the memories can fade.
Some long distant far off time,
I wont think of you once,
from sunrise until I fall asleep.
One day a smile will set hope free,
to go wake my sleeping heart,
to chance love again.

Keith Urban described emotions w-a-a-y better than I ever could in his completely amazing song You’ll Think Of Me (with an utterly Fantastic Video. On an aside it is *cat* not cap.. Keith Urban confirms it).

Avril Lavigne also has a great song My Happy Ending that’s a lot better than my efforts. My Happy Ending also has a Great Music Video.

See also the poem Six Years On.

Despite the somewhat seemingly cynical title which refers to how it felt to me, the door has been left open for this pperso. Always has been and always will be. She did drift back into my life for a short while couple of years after I wrote this poem, but sadly soon drifted back out again.

I don’t she’ll ever be back in my life.

2 comments on “Goodbye

    1. Elliott Post author

      Yes, I wrote it about our breakup about a week afterwards.

      The wounds to my heart were still very raw and very painful. A broken heart.


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