Six Years On

Six years drifted on by,
I still can’t forget you,
you still haunt my dreams.
I see the places we went,
almost every single day,
like an itch I can’t scratch.
I remember the first kiss,
holding you in my arms,
feeling like coming home.
The secret smiles,
hopes and dreams,
and the songs we shared.
I never knew your goodbye,
would last a lifetime,
or hurt for so very long.
How do I gather up,
all the shattered pieces,
and mend my broken heart.

The Poem Goodbye Forever was written about the same beautiful, amazing woman who broke my heart so much when we split, it has never been the same. Lots of songs sum up how I feel about it all including Avril Lavigne’s great song “Why”. Probably the most significant; Kylie Sackley’s song “I Wanna Do Bad Things To You”… An excellent song, that was a favourite of mine. I gave her a CD of Kylie Sackley songs I downloaded from Kylie Sackley’s website and made them into a CD (remember those LOL!). About two weeks before she split she told me it was her favourite song on the CD..

5 comments on “Six Years On

  1. Krista

    People tend to leave their mark upon those they intersect; sometimes the mark is indelible. And sometimes, we are better for it despite the grief that comes from their absence. To love so deeply is a gift; many never awaken enough to know it even exists. Seek peace with the memories. You don’t have to keep suffering to prove it is real.


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