Twisted Soul

I swapped the void in my soul,
for another scar on my broken heart,
the day I took you in my arms,
and decided we couldn’t be apart.
Now in the middle of the night,
as the months have gone by,
I wonder silently to myself,
and all I can do is cry.
Even when I sleep,
I still seem to care,
no escape even in dreams,
I keep finding you there.

Where did I go so wrong,
what did I do so bad,
all the special times,
the moments that we had.
Did I look into your eyes,
and see only a lie,
why should the spark,
be left to fade and die.
Hopefully one day soon,
you’ll remember it all.
and I’ll still be waiting,
for when you make that call.

This is another of my favourite poems. It goes a long way towards describing having a broken heart.

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