When I close my eyes,
I can see you standing there,
eyes sparkling with laughter,
your face a ready grin.

When I think of times gone,
I can feel you in my arms,
away from the dark night,
kept safe with me.

When I feel lonely or scared,
I can feel your long distance hug,
making everything wonderful,
making it all right.

When I wonder of the chance,
I can only live in hope,
of tomorrow and the day after,
and of love eternal.

I wrote this poem when I was almost twenty one and it is probably one of my favourite poems out of those I have written. It stands the test of time and in all the years of writing short stories and poems I don’t think I have ever written a better poem or a poem which better describes the crazy rush of mixed up emotions that are grouped together under the title love.

I wrote it after watching the closing section of the film Electric Dreams where Miles describes his feelings for Madeline. It could have almost been me describing the way I felt about a young lady in my life at the time called Vicky. I stopped the film and wrote this poem in under fifteen minutes.

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